Tugdual de Kerviler

Hello, I'm Tug.

I am a software developer interested in new technologies.
My current projects are mainly web application and middlewares for node.js often related to real-time.
Please visit my blog or check my github.

Here is a brief overview of my recent software projects :


Real-time customer engagement service. Integrate advanced customer support in your web application.
This service provides direct access to your customer's screen inside your application, without him having to install anything on his computer.
It can also record and replay any visit when you are not available.
The application is not open-source but many internal modules are : express-asset-manager. express-autoload. express-redirect



Real-time imageboard application. 

Website. Blog Post. Repo.


Large-scale web chat application.

Demo. Blog Post. Repo.

File sharing application. It allows files to be downloaded while uploaded.

Demo. Repo.
Flower Identification System

Image processing system for visual identification of flowers.

Demo. Repo.